Kyle Kroeger

Despite the city’s small size, there are numerous exciting things to do in Wabasha. Enjoy the rich history, festivals, winter games, and fishing tournaments.

Located in the heart of Wabasha County, Minnesota, Wabasha is a city that has plenty to offer both for local and international tourists.

With a small population of slightly above 2,500, as of the 2010 census, the city lies in a perfect spot near the Chippewa and the Mississippi rivers’ confluence.

There are numerous things to do in Wabasha, Minnesota, that will capture not only your eyes but also your heart and mind.

Although not as popular as the big cities around the country, Wabasha is a unique tourist destination that is stealthily finding a spot among the well-known tourist destinations.

This article intends to explore all the Wabasha attractions and give you an accurate picture of the fun you can have while in this city.

Whether you long to go kayaking or just watch the incredible eagles fishing, the 90 minutes drive from the Twin Cities is worth it….